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       Cellar founded in 1.959 by Miguel Castejón Aguado. During the years of existence of Bodegas Castejón, considerable investments have allowed to carry out deep structural and organisation changes, endowing the cellar of the most advanced enological technology.

       The deepest tradition in the ageing and crianza of wines together with modernity of the facilities, in stainless steel and control of temperature, it allows us to get, year after year, what constitutes our main objective: To produce wines of high quality levels.

       During this long term of growth, expansion and modernisation we have succeeded to cultivate, in ownership, 62 hectares of vineyards, to have 2 cellars for elaboration and storage with a total capacity of 4.000.000 liters and 1.200 American and French oak casks where our wines improve their qualities.

       In this last decade, Bodegas Castejón have begun the on the way to opening toward the external market. Always faithful to their commitments ando to the quality of their wines, these are appreciated in countries like U.S.A., Germany, Denmark, Holland and other E.U. countries.